Relive the happiest day of your life,
over and over again.

Creative. Heartfelt. genius.

Your wedding video is about more than a special day in the lives of two people. It’s about the connection two people were able to find. It’s a connection that, in its permanence, will not only affect your lives, but the lives of your families, friends, and those yet to come. The two-in-seven-billion odds of finding that connection makes for one incredible story.

At Walker Creative Media we are ninjas with cameras, assassins in an editing suite, and professional cinematic storytellers.

Your story is safe with us.


“Our video turned out beautifully, and I am so pleased with the quality and style of the final product. Now that our wedding is over, I have recommended him to other friends I have who are getting married. If you hire Walker Creative Media, you will not be disappointed!”

Ashlyn & Logan Airheart